Professional Teeth Whitening in Frisco, TX

What is Teeth Whitening?

One of today’s most popular dental treatments, professional teeth whitening allows patients to remove tough and stubborn stains from their teeth caused by food, drinks, or poor oral hygiene. Teeth whitening works by penetrating the tooth’s surface to then lift and remove stained tooth particles from the teeth, revealing white material underneath. Our team at Active Dental Frisco leverages a variety of effective, professional whitening options that can help you achieve your brightest and healthiest smile yet! Speak with our team today to book your first or next professional whitening session.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is an ideal treatment solution for patients experiencing yellowing or discoloration of the teeth, and is extremely effective in removing stains and discoloration that otherwise cannot be removed solely with brushing. Teeth whitening is also a perfectly safe, healthy treatment solution that will not harm your tooth enamel. It’s recommended, however, that patients never undergo whitening sessions more than 2-4 times per year, as this can result in tooth sensitivity and hard to enamel. For most patients, one session or two every year is more than enough to achieve a significantly whiter smile. 

Candidates for Professional Whitening

Not all patients are optimal candidates for tooth whitening – professional whitening should only be administered when a patient is not experiencing any underlying oral health concerns such as gum disease or infected roots. Before qualifying for professional whitening, patients should have these oral health concerns addressed. Then, professional whitening can be administered without the risk of tooth sensitivity or other side-effects occurring. It should also be noted that professional tooth whitening can only be administered on natural teeth, and patients with full arch implants or bridges should not undergo professional whitening.

Affordable, Effective Whitening Options

Our team at Active Dental Frisco has years of experience in administering professional whitening to our patients. The professional whitening process begins by our team placing layers of a thin coating to your teeth, which help lifts stains from the teeth while our team administers a sensitive beam of light to the teeth which goes deep beneath the tooth’s surface to remove tough stains. The result of a professional whitening session is a beautiful, white smile that is typically 4-7+ shades whiter than before treatment is administered.
Speak with our team today at Active Dental Frisco to learn more about professional whitening options in our office.

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The Proof is in Our Patients

46 5-star reviews in Frisco, TX and counting…
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Amazing office and even better staff! The dentist isn’t always the most fun place to go but this location does an amazing job in making sure you are comfortable from the second you walk in until you leave. They walk you through everything going on in your mouth and proper treatment needed going forward. You never feel in the dark or like they’re trying to oversell!! Happy I have found a dentist and will be recommending to family and friends!
JC Punkrocker
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I had a great first experience at the new Frisco office. Everyone was warm and friendly. I had a new patient coupon. They were straight forward and got everything done within an hour. Plenty of parking and the office was new and clean. Cannot wait to return. They did not try to sell any unnecessary services.
Clarissa R.
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This office is amazing! They are very kind and made me feel very welcomed and at ease! The doctors and assistant to the front made the process so much more enjoyable and I will be recommending this office to everyone!!
Tanya R.
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Today we took our 8 yr Autistic son to Active dental today and we had an amazing experience. They made our son Noah very comfortable and explained every step of the way what they were doing and made it fun for him. The hole teams customer service was amazing and treated our son so well and took the time and effort to have patience with our son. The team did a great job making him feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Active Dental in Frisco, Thank you.
C Hamilton
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From the moment you walk in to sitting in "the chair" you feel very comfortable and welcomed. The customer service is top notch and a priority. You are always asked if they can make you more comfortable and if you are doing well. The cleaning was quick, easy, and painless (as it should be). Dr. Samir Prajapati and his team are professional and courteous. They were very thorough on what they were doing, what to expect next, and what the future holds for you and your oral health. The dentist office should be a place of peace and tranquility and that's what it was for me on their opening day.
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