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Gum disease is one of the most common health conditions in America today, with an estimated one in four Americans developing this condition at some point in their life according to the American Dental Association. When signs and symptoms of gum disease initially appear, it’s vital that these symptoms are addressed before they have the chance to develop into periodontal disease, which is the fully-developed form of what is informally called gum disease. When fully developed, gum disease can cause bone loss and tooth decay, and is treated through periodontal scaling and root planing. Deep cleanings beneath the gumline are also necessary to remove plaque from the teeth as well as to remove infected matter from the gum line.
Our team at Active Dental Frisco is passionate about helping patients prevent and effectively treat gum disease through a variety of effective solutions that can help to reverse gum disease and also help prevent it from reappearing in the future. Speak with our team today if you’re experiencing common signs and symptoms of gum disease, which we have listed below.

Periodontal Scaling Applications

Periodontal scaling and root scaling are among the most common treatment solutions for gum disease, and will usually be recommended by your dentist during hygiene and exam appointments if symptoms of gum disease are present. This is also a great example of why frequent dental visits and exams are vital to oral health and maintaining a bright and healthy smile. Periodontial scaling is often one of the first treatments recommended by dentists to patients who are suffering from gum disease, and this non-invasive treatment solution is more of a deep cleaning that removed plaque and tartar from the gums and gumline in order to help begin the process of healing in the gums. 

Candidates for Root Planing

Patients suffering from minor to moderate gum disease or who otherwise exhibit signs of gum disease are candidates for root planing, a non-invasive treatment solution that helps begin the process of healing in the gums. During your dental exams, your dentist can diagnose signs of gum disease and begin administering treatments, the first of which will likely be periodontal scaling and other non-invasive treatment solutions that help to remove plaque and tartar from the gums. When treating and attempting to reverse gum disease, it’s always best to begin treating these symptoms as soon as possible to best protect your teeth and gums from any further decay.

The Scaling and Root Planing Treatment Process

The root scaling and planing process begins with our team providing local anesthesia to the side of your mouth that is being treated. To prepare for this deep cleaning, your hygienist will use speciaized dental tools that are specifically designed for deep cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from around the teeth and from beneath the gums. The roots of the teeth are specifically addressed so that tartar from these areas is removed completely. While your gums may be left sore after these deep cleanings, your gum tissue will heal by itself after this treatment process is complete. In order to provide the most comprehensive clean, each side of the mouth is treated during a different appointment. When this treatment process is complete, you’ll have successfully undergone the first line of clinical defense against gum disease!
If you’re experiencing symptoms of gym disease, addressing these symptoms as soon as possible is key to preventing these symptoms from developing further. Speak with the team at Active Dental Frisco today to request an appointment. 

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Amazing office and even better staff! The dentist isn’t always the most fun place to go but this location does an amazing job in making sure you are comfortable from the second you walk in until you leave. They walk you through everything going on in your mouth and proper treatment needed going forward. You never feel in the dark or like they’re trying to oversell!! Happy I have found a dentist and will be recommending to family and friends!
JC Punkrocker
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I had a great first experience at the new Frisco office. Everyone was warm and friendly. I had a new patient coupon. They were straight forward and got everything done within an hour. Plenty of parking and the office was new and clean. Cannot wait to return. They did not try to sell any unnecessary services.
Clarissa R.
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This office is amazing! They are very kind and made me feel very welcomed and at ease! The doctors and assistant to the front made the process so much more enjoyable and I will be recommending this office to everyone!!
Tanya R.
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Today we took our 8 yr Autistic son to Active dental today and we had an amazing experience. They made our son Noah very comfortable and explained every step of the way what they were doing and made it fun for him. The hole teams customer service was amazing and treated our son so well and took the time and effort to have patience with our son. The team did a great job making him feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Active Dental in Frisco, Thank you.
C Hamilton
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From the moment you walk in to sitting in "the chair" you feel very comfortable and welcomed. The customer service is top notch and a priority. You are always asked if they can make you more comfortable and if you are doing well. The cleaning was quick, easy, and painless (as it should be). Dr. Samir Prajapati and his team are professional and courteous. They were very thorough on what they were doing, what to expect next, and what the future holds for you and your oral health. The dentist office should be a place of peace and tranquility and that's what it was for me on their opening day.
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