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What Qualifies as A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can strike at any time. When these often unexpected events arise, it’s vital to address them quickly in order to prevent the need for further care in the future. Dental emergencies can consist of tooth pain due to poor oral hygiene, biting forcefully into the inner lining of the mouth and cheeks, pieces of food being lodged in between the teeth or gumline, tooth chipping, teeth that have fallen out or been knocked out, and other instances that require immediate attention in order to resolve tooth pain and other symptoms that require quick action. Active Dental Frisco is proud to provide convenient emergency dentistry hours in order to accommodate emergency patients, helping our community members avoid the need for further more extensive dental care down the line.

Why Do Dental Emergencies Need To Be Treated Immediately?

Dental emergencies are often unexpected and occur at inconvenient times, making is necessary to have these emergency addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid the need for surgery or other more extensive dental work. Dental emergencies can also involve minor to moderate bleeding as well as tooth breakage, which are both symptoms that require immediate medical attention. When dental emergencies are left untreated, the largest threat is that these emergency symptoms can develop into larger dental complications down the line, which then may require surgery and other more extensive and expensive treatment solutions. If you every experience sharp stabbing tooth pain, moderate bleeding of the gums, or a chipped tooth, make sure to schedule an emergency dental visit as soon as possible to have the emergency addressed.

Addressing Common Dental Emergencies

While dental emergencies can vary from patient to patient, there are certain types of dental emergencies that are more common than others:

  • Sharp, stabbing tooth pain
  • Tooth cuysts, abscesses and infections
  • Chipped and cracked teeth
  • Emergencies with braces and orthodontic appliances
  • Complications following surgeries
  • Minor to moderate bleeding from the gums
  • TMJ complications and other severe pain in the jaw

Emergency Dental Appointments at Active Dental Frisco

Our team at Active Dental Frisco has years of experience in treating dental emergencies, and would be happy to see you to help relieve pain and address any dental emergency symptoms that you are experiencing. We keep flexible emergency dentistry hours and scheduling to be able to accommodate patients when these often inconvenient events arise. Emergency dentistry appointments begin with meeting with our team during which we will assess any dental emergency that you may be experiencing. If you are experiencing severe pain or bleeding, these symptoms will be addressed immediately with gauze and potentially medications that can help relive your pain. If you require a more complex treatment such as tooth bonding for chipped and cracked teeth, these treatments may be scheduled for the next available day if needed. Tooth infections and abscesses may be addressed with antibiotics or other medications that can help relive any pain from these infections as well as help prevent the spread of infected materials from the mouth to other areas of the body.
Sharp, stabbing pain in the teeth can indicate a tooth infection or infected root, which is addressed through root canal procedures. Thankfully, most of today’s dental patients who undergo root canals do not experience anything more than mild pain or discomfort during these procedures thanks to today’s available methods of dental sedation during care.
Our team at Active Dental Frisco is here and available to address your dental emergency, even if you’re visiting from out of town and are not locally-based! We keep convenient and flexible hours available for dental emergencies and have the experience needed to help relieve your pain and address any emergency dentistry symptoms that you’re experiencing. Speak with our team today to schedule an emergency dentistry appointment if you’re experiencing emergency symptoms! 

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