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Dental Bridges in Frisco, TX

Affordable Porcelain Dental Bridges in Frisco

Dental bridges are necessary for improving your smile’s appearance and functionality. If one or more of your teeth are missing, the bridge will be fitted over the adjacent teeth, with the center piece of the restoration replacing the missing teeth. Fixed bridges are non-removable and may be cleaned much like natural teeth. Bridges can last for years, if not decades, before needing replacement.

Teeth Bridge: Solution for Missing Teeth

A dental bridge would most likely be required if you are missing a tooth. The procedure is simple and quick, and it normally takes two appointments to complete. The bridge replaces missing teeth in areas of the mouth while also increasing dental functionality and appearance. You’ll find it easier to chew and enjoy your favorite foods with a dental bridge in place, and you’ll restore confidence in your smile!

Porcelain Dental Bridge in Frisco

Dental bridges are a relatively simple procedure that can be beneficial for adult patients who have lost teeth. They’re especially beneficial for people who might otherwise be ineligible for dental implants. Rather than having a surgical procedure, the bridge can be built and installed without any incisions or stitches. Only you and your dentist will notice your bridgework because it is made to blend in with the rest of your teeth.

Process for a Dental Bridge

The teeth in the immediate vicinity are filed down and smoothed out first. Then we design your new bridge by taking impressions, or molds, of the area. At your second appointment, the permanent bridge will be installed. A medical-grade dental cement is used to keep the bridge in place and prevent it from slipping or coming loose. The procedure is straightforward and may be performed in under an hour in our office. For many years to come, it will give you a big, healthy-looking grin.

We will make sure you get a smile that you are happy with and that lasts! If you need a dental bridge or need a new restoration our dental team in Frisco, TX has you covered! Call our office today and we can get you in for an appointment as soon as possible.

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