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Dental Bonding in Frisco, TX

What is Dental Bonding?

We may recommend dental bonding if you have minor flaws in the front of your smile. Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that conceals tiny defects that make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Bonding uses a tooth-colored composite material that matches your current dentition. This ensures that it does not stand out from the rest of the tooth.

The “bonding” is a composite resin that fills in the gaps where your tooth has broken and restores it to its original appearance.

Unlike a crown, the composite color will be close to the color of the tooth, allowing it to blend in with the rest of your smile!

Why would you choose dental bonding for a minor chip in your tooth?

Many people are concerned about their smile, but fixing chips and cracks is also vital for your oral health. It promotes good chewing and prevents future damage that could threaten the health of adjoining teeth and necessitate costly restorations.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Bonding might be needed if you have slight cosmetic problems that are getting in the way of your smile looking its best.

You may have discolored or stained teeth, as well as chips, fissures, or gaps between your front teeth. Bonding can endure for many years before needing to be renewed, and it can be done just as effortlessly as it was the first time.

We might suggest bonding as a noninvasive way to perfect your smile and make sure your teeth are functioning as best as they possibly can! 

Bonding Process

Bonding is generally performed without the need of anesthesia, making it a safe and effective procedure for the majority of patients. Bonding is particularly beneficial to adult patients who have generally healthy teeth. It’s made of the same substance as fillings, so it’s stable and dependable. When compared to other dental treatments, bonding is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure. In most cases, the entire procedure takes one to two hours, following which you will be able to walk out of our office with a significantly enhanced grin. When you come in for treatment, your dentist will begin by determining the best bonding material color for your teeth. It’s then cured in place to keep it from slipping or shifting.

Dental Bonding in Frisco, TX

The teeth are coated with a bonding substance. This aids in the bonding of the composite to the tooth. The color of the material we’ll be utilizing is then matched to the tooth. The material is positioned and detailed. This makes it look more natural and realistic, and it blends in with the rest of your grin. After that, the material will be cured and hardened in situ. It will not break or tumble out of place as a result of this. Your new bonding will last for several years before we recommend that it be repaired or updated to guarantee that it always looks its best.

Dental bonding is a long-term operation that can help restore some cosmetic and functional qualities of your teeth, as well as dramatically improve the appearance of your smile! Call us today if you have any questions regarding dental bonding or would want to learn more about the procedure.

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